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30 Kisses And Then Some!
Bigger, Faster, and Better Than Ever!
28th-Jul-2006 10:34 pm
30kisses hearts

    The Claims You Make

  1. You can claim up to two pairings at any given time. You can't request another claim unless you drop or finish one or both of the other claims.
    1. Note that the rule says "pairing," and not threesome, foursome, or any other number-some. ONLY TWO CHARACTERS MAY BE IN YOUR PAIRING. You're welcome to feature the concept of a love triangle or love polygon or what-have-you in your stories, but the two focal characters should be those that you've requested.

  2. You may opt to work with up to one other person on your claim. When one of you makes a request, make sure you indicate the username of the other user, so if each of you posts, there won't be any confusion. Your post summary must also include the other person's name. You're also allowed to have a pen-name for the both of you, to make it easier to put
    your co-authored stories in the Memories (and give proper credit to the both of you, rather than risking one person's name getting cut off by the character limit).

    1. If you work with one other person, you're still producing no more than 30 pieces of work between you. Not 15, not 60, 30!

  3. To make a claim, go to this post and comment with the following information:

  4. Subject Line: REQUEST
    Body: Fandom and Full names (if applicable) of both the characters involved (e.g. John P. Character x Jane Q. Doe) in the pairing

    1. Whatever username you are logged into at the time of making your request must be the one that you make your posts with! If you intend to post using a fanfic journal or other account, please be sure to make your request while logged into THAT account!

    2. If you've already claimed one pairing and would like to claim another, do not reply to your original claim's thread! Make a new comment with the appropriate information in it.

    3. If you are making a claim for the first time and are considering making two requests at the same time (e.g. two pairings), don't. Put each pairing into its own comment request. It helps us keep things better organized.

    4. Don't request a claim that is already taken on the Claims List. If the pairing you really want is already taken on the Claims List, you may make a request for it on the Waiting List. You will be responsible for checking updates on the pairing and then informing us via the Dropped Pairings page if the user has finished, dropped, or not updated their claim. The only exception to this rule is pairings that are LOCKED by a moderator. Moderators can keep claims for as long as they are mods, and are not required to update once a month. Another person (who is not a mod) may request that same pairing, but they must follow all the rules about updating regularly.

    5. The names that you make the request with do not have to be listed in a particular order. 30kisses does not recognize "topping" order.
      Do not use "pairing names" like Spuffy or Azureshipping when making a claim or posting; some people don't know what those mean, and us mods don't have time to look them up.

    6. We will delete any comments that do not follow the above rules.

    The Claims List

  5. Pairings are listed in alphabetical order by fandom. Fandoms that begin with A, An, or The are ordered by the first letter AFTER that word (for example, "The 10th Kingdom" would be listed as "10th Kingdom, The." Since numbers appear before letters, it will still appear at the top of the list. A fandom such as "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" would appear under letter A, since "Adventures" starts with A.) After that, claims are listed by request date. Something requested in December 2007 will appear before a claim requested in January 2008.
    1. You may request a pairing that is made up of characters from two separate fandoms. In this case, the claim will be listed under Crossover. When you claim a couple from two different fandoms, you must specify the fandom that each character comes from, and, if applicable, whether any of the characters are original characters (e.g. you can cross a character from "Yu-Gi-Oh" with a fan-made Sailor Senshi from "Sailor Moon," or you can create a brand new character, whose fandom would be listed as "Original Fiction")

  6. Fandoms known by multiple names (e.g. "Fushigi Yuugi" is also known as "The Mysterious Play"; "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" is often translated as "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon" or "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon," but it's most often called simply "Sailor Moon.") should be referred to by their most common name.
    Therefore, with the two above examples, you would find them listed under F (for "Fushigi Yuugi"), and S (for "Sailor Moon"). Fandoms that take place "in the same universe" will be grouped together.
    For example, the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel"
    take place in the same series, so requesting Angel x Spike as a pairing applies to both fandoms. Even if each series has characters that do not crossover and meet, pairings that can exist in both fandoms count for both fandoms.

    1. You cannot request a pairing that is the same as an existing pairing, even if it's in another fandom. For example, you can't request Superman (Clark Kent) x Lois Lane from the TV Series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" if someone else has requested that pairing for the "Superman" comics fandom. It doesn't matter if their histories are altered, or they have different stories-- they're the same characters. The only current exception to this rule is if the characters are in an alternate universe, as with Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles and xxxHolic.
      In such an example, Sakura x Syaoran for "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle" is different from Sakura x Syaoran from "Cardcaptor Sakura." In TRC, Sakura's last name isn't Kinomoto, she's older in TRC vs. CCS, etc. This rule helps prevent works from "universe hopping," or using multiple universes in which the characters appear to fulfill a claim's completion requirements. Thus, someone who requests Sakura x Syaoran for Cardcaptor Sakura can't suddenly start referring to Mokona, Kuro, or Fai.

    2. If you want to request a Crossover pairing, be sure to list both of the fandoms that your characters are from. Your pairing will not be listed under those fandoms, but rather under C, for Crossovers, with the original fandom names in parentheses beside the character names. You should also use the word 'crossover' as your fandom
      tag, and in your post summary (along with the original fandoms).

  7. Characters with "alter-egos," "split personalities," etc. are considered separate for the sake of this community. However, this does not apply to "secret identities." For example, Wishverse!Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is different from Willow of the regular "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" universe.
    Someone can have a pairing with Willow x Xander, and another person can have a pairing with Wishverse!Willow x Xander-- they're counted as two separate pairings. However, evil!Willow is the same Willow in our universe-- she's just evil. So evil!Willow x Xander is the same as Willow x Xander. As another example, Dark Yuugi (Yami no Yuugi, a.k.a. Pharaoh Atem), Dark Bakura (Yami no Bakura, a.k.a. Bakura the Thief King), and Dark Malik (Yami Malik) are not the same as their hosts, Yuugi Mutou, Ryou Bakura, and Malik Ishtar, respectively. Therefore, someone can request Dark Yuugi x Dark Bakura, which is different from Yuugi Mutou x Ryou Bakura. You can also request an "alter-ego" to be paired with itself, e.g. Dark Yuugi x Yuugi Mutou is an acceptable pairing in this community. But you cannot request Superman x Lois Lane if someone else has Clark Kent x Lois Lane. They're the same pairing.

  8. People that have their maximum two claims will have a ² beside their second claim. If you are one such person, you may not make another claim until one of those two claims is given up or completed.

  9. Posting For Your Pairing

  10. You must include a POST SUMMARY in the body of each of your posts. A post summary should look like the following:
    Title: Try to give your piece a title, and remember to include it in your Subject line, too!

    Author: Your name here. You can use your LJ name (preferred) or something different.

    Fandom:Self-explanatory. What fandom did your characters come from?

    Pairing: Character A x Character B-- the pairing you claimed on the Claims List. If other pairings appear, you can mention them, but the first pairing should be the focus of the story and the one you claimed. Remember to use the names listed on the Claims List, not dub names. You can include an Author's Note if your story itself uses dub or other versions of the character names.

    List and Theme #/name: For example, 30kisses #30: kiss. Be sure to include the list name (Greek), the theme number, and the theme name!

    Rating: mandatory! Use our ratings system. You can use it in conjunction with other ratings (like the MPAA ones, or the FictionRatings.com ones), but one of our ratings MUST be present in your post summary!

    Summary: It's your choice whether you include this or not, but it's highly recommended.

    Disclaimer: If applicable. If none of the characters involved are original (your own creation), then you should have this in place.

    You do not have to include your work in the post itself-- you can link to it hosted on another journal, or you can put it behind an LJ-CUT. However, if you put it on another journal, make sure it is not Friend's Locked, otherwise members of the 30kisses community won't be able to view it! You should also not post it off-site (not on LiveJournal.com) if people have to register in order to view the work in question. For sites that allow embedded media (e.g. DeviantART.com), you are more than welcome to embed art, but remember to include a post summary, a proper subject line, and put it behind an LJ-CUT!

  11. You must tag your entries! See our Tagging System for more details. A complete tag set includes:
    Name of the Fandom
    Characters in the Pairing
    Fanfiction or Fanart tags
    List Name Theme #: name (e.g. 30kisses #30: kiss)

  12. You do not have to write/post the themes in any particular order. If you get inspired for #30 before you get an idea for what to do for #01, then by all means, post #30 first! Just make sure you remember which themes you have done and which you haven't, so you don't accidentally end up doing something for the same theme twice!

  13. You do not have to do all 30 themes as the same type of fanwork. For example, 15 themes can be fanfiction, and 15 can be art. Or you can do all fanfiction, all fanart. For the purposes of this community, "fanfiction" is any prose work that is 100 words or more; fanart is any type of art featuring the characters in question (along with both the core theme and individual themes), such as wallpapers, drawings, icons, and so forth.
    1. If you post fanart, regardless of the size, be sure to put it behind an LJ-CUT. Read the LJ FAQ if you don't know how to make one. Also, if you post anything above 800 x 600 pixels, be sure to use a thumbnail as a visual preview; don't display the entire image.

  14. All posts must include the individual theme (e.g. "look over here" for the 30kisses list's theme #01) and the core theme of the entire list (e.g. "kiss" for the 30kisses list). The only exception to this is List Gamma, where one can specify (at the time of claiming ONLY) whether or not to use the core theme "asleep." If the core theme is used, it must appear in ALL ~30 works; if the claimant chooses not to use it, it should not appear in ANY of the ~30 works.

  15. Individual themes do not have to appear word-for-word in a story/fanart, but they must be obvious to a casual reader. For example, you don't have to have the phrase "quid pro quo" in a post for List Epsilon #04, nor do you have to have the translation of the Latin "one thing for another," but you should have the concept in your story/fanart in a manner that is clear and comprehensible. However, exact phrasing IS required in your post summary (where you list Pairing, Fandom, List Name, Theme Number, Theme Name, etc.), and in your Tags.

  16. You can only "pick and choose" the portion of an individual theme that you wish to use if that theme includes words separated by a semi-colon (;), meaning the words are related to one another, or by a slash, meaning the words are NOT overtly related to one another.
    1. If two or more words are linked using a conjunction (such as and, but, or), then you have to use THE WHOLE PHRASE. For example, if you used theme #8: tattoos and piercings from List Epsilon, then both tattoos and piercings have to play a role in your story/art.

    2. Theme that include words in quotes indicate a phrase which is to be taken as a whole; "quid pro quo" cannot be used as just "quid" or just "pro," two words which can have different meanings on their own. However, phrases in quotes do not have to be spoken in dialogue; they (or their concept) can appear in the story/art however you like.

    3. Themes with words in parentheses do not have to include or use those words in parenthesis ANYWHERE IN YOUR POSTS; they are there simply to serve as a definition or clarification of the theme.

    4. Themes with words in square brackets can be taken as a whole (e.g. from List Iota, Theme #02: Who's asking [who]? as "Who's asking who?") or without the word in brackets ("Who's asking?"). You cannot make any other alterations to the theme beyond what it is in the square brackets.

  17. Whenever you post to the community, you must use our standardized
    subject line. This helps us put your entries in the Memories faster, thereby allowing people to find your stories with ease! The formatting is as follows: List Name ##: theme name (Story Title, by Your Name Here). For example, if your post is for Theme #30: kiss on the original 30kisses list, your subject line might look something like this: 30kisses #30: kiss (Story Title, by Your Name Here). You should not use any other formatting (including HTML and LJ Tags!)! This includes extra symbols like quotes, hyphens (dashes), etc. Also remember that anything "additional" from a theme name (such as words in parentheses) should not be included in your theme name, but words separated by semi-colons, slashes, or put in square brackets should be in your theme name. Another example, from List Iota, theme #02: Who's asking [who]? would appear as Iota #02: who's asking [who]? (Title, by Your Name Here)
    1. Remember that any themes numbered 1 through 9 should appear as #01~#09. YOU MUST USE DOUBLE-DIGITS FOR ALL THEMES!

    2. You do not need to include the word "List" in your subject line. You only need the Greek letter used as the List's nickname (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.), or if it's the original 30kisses list, the phrase "30kisses".

    3. There are some themes that are shown as complete on the Theme Set Lists page, but for character limitation reasons, cannot be included in full in the Tagging System. For your subject line, you should use the same theme name that appears in the
      Tagging System, because there is a character limit for subject lines when put into the Memories. However, in your post summary, you should be sure to include the complete theme. For example, if you use the original 30kisses list Theme #06: the space between dream and reality, you'll notice that in the tagging system, the tag appears as 30kisses #06: the space between dream... Therefore, your subject line would look like this: 30kisses #06: the space between dream... (Title, by Your Name Here)

  18. Posts can take a variety of forms: a post can be a single (standalone) work that fits a single theme; it can be a single (standalone) work that fits multiple themes; it can be a chapter of a completed work or work-in-progress where each segment uses an indivdiual theme, and the work as a whole uses the core theme; it can be a chapter of a completed work or work-in-progress where only some chapters fit a particular theme (or themes) and one, some, or all of the chapters fit the core theme. YOU MAY NOT HAVE A POST WITH MULTIPLE THEMES IF THOSE THEMES ARE EACH PART OF A DIFFERENT STORY/CHAPTER. In other words, one post = one story/chapter. If you have multiple stories or chapters done on a single day, post multiple times!
    1. If you have multiple themes in separate works (e.g. chapters in a story), it's preferred that you make a single post when the work is completed, or, if it is a work-in-progress, always include links to previous chapters. Keep in mind that works that do not fit
      an individual theme cannot be tagged or put in the Memories!
      If multiple chapters fit an individual theme, only one post can be put in the Memories!

Everything Else

  1. Whenever you comment to a "special" 30kisses_mod post, like the Claims List, Waiting List, or Drop List, you must include a certain word or phrase in your subject line. For the claims list, that word is Request. For the Drop List, it is either I Give Up! or I'm Finished!, depending on your situation (if you are pointing out someone else's claim that should be dropped, use Claim to Drop).
    For the Waiting List, it is Waiting List. It's very obvious, and not that hard. And it shows you read the rules. If you neglect to include the word/phrase, we'll delete your comment without even looking at it. We won't tell you that you didn't read the rules. It'll be your fault for not knowing about reading the rules!
    1. Regardless of the special 30kisses_mod post you're commenting on, if it's regarding a claim you must include the fandom and the full name(s) of the characters involved. For any fandoms that come from an Asian country (e.g. Japan, China, Korea), make sure to list the FAMILY NAME first, THEN the given name. For example: Tsukino Usagi, not Usagi Tsukino; Uzumaki Naruto not Naruto Uzumaki. If a character doesn't have a part of the name (e.g. they don't have a family name, like Sabaku no Gaara from Naruto) or they don't have a given name make sure to say so! If the characters involved are from a crossover, or are original (fan-created) characters, say so!
      Always use the original source names, even if the fandom in question has been translated/re-released/dubbed. For example, if you claim the heroine and male lead of Sailor Moon, you're claiming Tsukino Usagi x Chiba Mamoru, not Serena Tsukino and Darien Shields.
      You can use the translated/re-released/dubbed names in your stories if you wish, but when you make your claim, drop a claim, complete a claim, tag your posts, and have your entries in the Memories, they must use the original names!

  2. If you want a pairing someone else has claimed, make sure they haven't posted in over a month, then tell the mods (on the Dropped Pairings Page) when they last posted something, so they can move the pairing in question to the Dropped Pairings Page. After that, you can get the pairing-- assuming no one else has requested it at the Waiting List).
    1. If you don't post anything within the month, the pairing will be listed on the Dropped Pairings Page, so that other people may claim the couple. If you post a work and then forget about the pairing for a month or more, your reservation will STILL be nullified. So don't forget to post at least once a month, okay?


Tags can be a maximum of 40 characters long.
Memory subject lines (titles) can be a maximum of 80 characters long.
Memory keywords can be a maximum of 40 characters long.
Posts themselves can be a maximum of 65,535 bytes (65KB).

31st-Jul-2006 03:12 am (UTC) - hiatus?
hi, i didn't just want to barge in on svelterose's personal lj to ask so I thought I'd try this here first. mjules and I might need a hiatus for our joint claim on Maes HughesX Roy Mustang. The next story is actually done but is currently trapped in a computer that has a lightening fried modem. Hopefully this will be rectified soon. Thanks.
31st-Jul-2006 09:08 am (UTC) - Re: hiatus?
Could you please forward this message to the Claims List Warnings page where svelterose will see it and mark it in her records? She can then alter the Claims List to mark your claim as "On Hiatus" for the next month.
31st-Jul-2006 04:06 pm (UTC) - Re: hiatus?
okay will do. It should be taken care of this week but just in case...
8th-Aug-2006 04:24 am (UTC) - Explicit violence
Question about the "Explicit" rating: even if there's some graphic violence in a story, if it's brief, etc., can the story still be rated "Adults", not "Explicit"? For instance, I once wrote a story containing a scene of graphic violence, but it was more "R" level, not like a horror movie. Also, I'm not sure what "Friends-lock" means or how to do it. Thanks!
8th-Aug-2006 07:44 am (UTC) - Re: Explicit violence
The reason why we have a different system than used by other archives (such as the standard MPAA ratings system that American movies use), FictionRatings, etc. is because things like "graphic/explicit" tend to be subjective, and on a sliding scale. Some movies are rated R for language; others are rated for violence, nudity, drug use, etc.

I'd like to think it's in the author's best judgment to choose which rating is more appropriate; technically the audience's intended age minimum is the same (at least 17). People will want to read your story based on your summary AND the rating, and I realize that's probably why you're asking.

Sorry to make this so long and babbling just to say "Use your best judgment," but my opinion as a mod is this: if it is "graphic violence" like watching someone getting the pulp beat out of them, I'd call it an R/Adults rating. If it's someone getting their brains blown out, arms chewed off, and genitals used for socks, then I'd go with NC17/Explicit.

Check here for details on how to Friends-Lock posts.
9th-Aug-2006 04:54 am (UTC) - Re: Explicit violence
LOL! Thank you . . . that final paragraph gave me a good (and hysterical!) point of reference.
(Deleted comment)
1st-Jan-2007 03:16 pm (UTC)
#1 - yes.
#2 - In the original list, it is required that each fic fit a theme (the things numbered one through 30), but also that each piece have one thing in common: that one thing is a "kiss." Who does the kissing to whom, or whether it's even an actual kiss (it could also be a Hershey's kiss, a dream kiss, a one-sided kiss, a kiss on the cheek) is up to you, but it should still be obvious/apparent as a "kiss" to the reader.

The alternate lists work in the same way, but instead of being 30 "kisses," the main requirement spanning ALL 30 of your submissions is something else. For Alpha, that overlying theme is "concrete," so concrete, or the concept of it, should appear in ALL 30 of your submissions for that list IN ADDITION to each piece fitting the individual themes. The same goes for Beta/Hero, and so on. Only ONE list has no requirement, but you can choose to use the optional requirement if you choose. More details are given on the Alternative Lists page. I hope that helps, and I apologize for the delay in answering your question.
13th-Nov-2006 10:10 pm (UTC) - Pairing Claims
You haven't answered my question yet. Allow me to pose it once more:

Is it required that you claim a pairing before starting to write? Can you just write something even if someone already has that pairing, if you haven't claimed it? This occurred to me since there really aren't that many pairings, so would one have to wait before writing their fav pairing just because someone else got there first?
1st-Jan-2007 03:10 pm (UTC) - Re: Pairing Claims
If someone else has already claimed a pairing, you may not write for it (and post what you've written for it here). However, if you want to wait for a pairing to be freed up, and you write according to the challenge list BUT NOT POST until the other person's claim has expired/been completed, that's fine. But you may not post to the 30kisses community unless you have made a claim and it has been approved.

I apologize for the delay in replying to your question, but the mods have been extremely busy this holiday season. If you have any questions in the future, please ask them on the FAQ page, not the Rules page.
2nd-Jan-2007 05:40 am (UTC) - Re: Pairing Claims
That sort of answers my question, I guess. I already knew most of that. But thanks anyway for taking time to answer it.

Is there a page on your community that shows which pairings are currently taken?
26th-Jan-2007 10:09 pm (UTC) - Re: Pairing Claims
Yes, that would be the Claims list. In case you ever need to find it again, it's linked on the community's main page, the User Info, and in several other places (the FAQ, the Rules, etc).
27th-Jan-2007 03:06 am (UTC) - Re: Pairing Claims
Thanks a lot. :)
15th-Apr-2007 11:46 am (UTC) - Children?
Hi, I'm considering writing a 30kisses for my two OCs, that are the children of characters from another work. Is that okay?
21st-Apr-2007 05:38 pm (UTC) - Re: Children?
Yes, that's fine-- even though they are OCs, if they are meant to be the children of characters from a specific fandom, you should make your request as such (i.e. OC 1 x OC 2 from fandom: Blah-Blah), and make sure to indicate that they're OCs.
1st-Jun-2007 02:25 pm (UTC)
Question! *raises hand* What do you mean by script-style? Oh, and I've done about 21 of my 30 works already (I'm a drabble writer. ^^*). Do I have to post all of them seperately or can I post a few at a time. I don't want to flood the community, and I'm not sure how I'd handle the tags for posting them all at once. Thanks.

- Rilita
1st-Jun-2007 08:41 pm (UTC)
Script-style is like this:
John: What do you mean I have to write in prose format?
Joe [with a grimace]: I already told you, it means you can't do it like this!

You must post them all separately-- don't include more than one theme in a post, unless a drabble/fic has more than one theme IN THAT SINGLE FIC. However, if you're concerned about not flooding the community, try not to post more than 5 in a day. You can space it out in that day however you like.

For the tags, you have to make sure they apply for each entry. A single entry will have the following tags:
List/Theme #, theme name, character a x character b, fandom name
For example:
30kisses #30, kiss, jane doe x john poe, this is fandom.

That's why you can't include multiple fics/drabbles in the same post, because it will mess up the tags *AND* the Memories. Make sure you change your tags and your subject line to accommodate each entry.
16th-Feb-2008 01:47 am (UTC) - Eh...
I was wondering about 2 things.

1) If you claim a pairing, could another pairing that's already claimed be hinted/in it?

2) If you need to post on the journal you're posting at...what if you have a journal writing community?

Oh! &&

3) There is no set deadline, right? I mean, if you claim two pairings that's 60 fics...

Edited at 2008-02-16 02:01 am (UTC)
16th-Feb-2008 06:00 pm (UTC) - Re: Eh...
1) Yes, if you claim a pairing, you can hint at other pairings in it, so long as the pairing you claimed is still the main focus. If you claim A x B, but want to hint at A x C, that's fine, so long as it's not an A x C story where A occasionally thinks about B, the ex (or whatever).

2) You have to use an individual journal account to post things HERE at 30kisses. We are a community, same as if you owned your own journal writing community; you'd still have to use a user account to post to that. That's the one you should make a claim with.

3) Everybody has one month from the date their claim is approved to post at least one work (fanfic, fanart) for it. If they fail to post in that time, their claim is dropped. Likewise, we hope to be doing "spring cleaning" and purges like the one we recently finished, where we find out which claims haven't been updated in a while. There are lots that get very close, but if they've had over the necessary 2 years to complete their claim and they have yet to do so, we'll typically drop the claim.

Also, you can claim two pairings and have it be LESS than 60 fics. You're allowed to combine themes in a single post/chapter.

Hope that helps!
6th-Apr-2008 12:58 pm (UTC) - Claiming pairings
Hi...I'm new here and although I've read what's written above, I'm still kind' blur about what you mean (and how) about claiming pairings)...
6th-Apr-2008 02:03 pm (UTC) - Re: Claiming pairings
I would suggest reading it again, along with checking out the FAQ, and viewing what other people have done on the Claims List when making a request/claim. Everything is very clearly outlined here, and what you need to know is in fact, in boldface type, so theoretically, you shouldn't be able to miss it.
7th-Apr-2008 06:23 am (UTC)
Hi there,

With college (and somewhat lack of inspiration) I was unable to keep up with my two pairings that were purged on Saturday, April 5th.

Just curious as to how long I have to wait until I can claim them again? Two weeks, I think?
2nd-Jan-2009 04:08 am (UTC)
I have a question. Can I ask it at this post?
5th-Jan-2009 12:09 am (UTC)
Certainly. Or, you can PM one of the mods, like me (the_sweet).
2nd-Aug-2010 01:27 pm (UTC) - Poetry
is poetry allowed as a post, or part of a post? in my latest posting, Anzu writes out her longing for Yami in a poem.
2nd-Aug-2010 03:36 pm (UTC) - Re: Poetry
I would say that it's allowed as part of a post, but it'd be harder to actually make it an entire post and still follow the other rules of using the individual theme and the core theme. If you think you can do that, I'm willing to be flexible about it and perhaps add a new FAQ or rule indicating that poetry is fine.
30th-Nov-2010 06:20 pm (UTC) - next post

I've just spotted my claim (Prince of Tennis; xi; Oishi x Shishido) on the claims warnings list.
As you might have noticed I won't make it till the 30th november, but it might be posted tomorrow. It's almost done. It's just that, I had a sudden inspiration streak for my other claim (Hakuoki; nu; Shinpachi x Sanosuke) so I wanted to make use of it. But my first claim is almost ready.

If I could aslk this of you: Don't drop me just yet. I am really close to posting it, I swear! COuld you wait for another day or two?
30th-Nov-2010 10:25 pm (UTC) - Re: next post
Hi there!

Oh, you'll get more warning if you're going to be dropped. The warnings list, for the most part, is a quick glance for you to see where you're at. No worries, ok? ♥
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